Our Expertise and Services

What we're good at

Actionable Insights

We help organisations generate real business value from their data assets.

Data Intelligence

Using our expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning, data modelling and master data management, we help organisations derive actionable insights from their data assets in order to deliver real business value. We can provide the following expertise in Data Intelligence:

  • Insights Generation
  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Data Modelling and Master Data Management
Data Intelligence
Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

Using the latest cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, we help organisations architect, deploy and administer scalable, high-performance, reliable and secure insight-driven platforms for use across the enterprise. The platforms that we architect always consist of the following critical design considerations:

  • Scalable Platform Architecture
  • Resilience, Reliability and Performance
  • Data Governance
  • Security
  • Administration and Management
  • Modern Cutting-Edge Technologies

Application Development

We help organisations design, develop, roll-out and support bespoke software applications to meet their specific requirements using the latest technologies and frameworks including Java, Scala, Python, SQL, Javascript and many more! Our expertise includes:

  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Web Services and REST APIs
  • High Performance Web Applications
  • Modern Software Frameworks
Application Development

World Class Training

Unlike many organisations, we passionately believe in training our client colleagues from day one through both on-the-job knowledge transfer and formal self-contained training courses so that all knowledge and technical skills are brought in-house as soon as possible. We can provide the following training services:

  • On-the-Job Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer
  • Formal Self-Contained Training Courses
  • Paired Programming
  • Review and Coaching