About Keisan

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Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Keisan ® was founded in February 2015 by Jillur Quddus, a computational mathematician, with the goal of applying advanced analytics to vast volumes of data in order to solve real-world social, economic and geo-political problems. We are a specialised consultancy providing world-class expertise in Data Intelligence, Platform Engineering and Bespoke Application Development. Most importantly, we passionately believe in our 6 core values - Collaboration, Innovation, Imagination, Simplicity, Education and Dedication - whilst delivering real business outcomes to our clients.


温故知新 Learning from the past to understand the future

The name Keisan ® (pronounced 'K-San') comes from the Japanese word 計算 of the same pronunciation, meaning to compute or to calculate. Before Keisan ® was founded, Jillur worked across the world on the design and development of some of the most high-profile and cutting-edge analytical and data-driven technology solutions aimed at combatting serious organised crime, financial crime, fraud and cyber-crime. This included many years spent working in Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK. Many of the themes found in Keisan ® are inspired by the Japanese language, including Ramus Mori 森, Bonsai 盆栽, Kodama 木霊 and of course our company name Keisan 計算!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to solve real-world social, economic and geopolitical problems using advanced analytics through collaboration, innovation, imagination, simplicity, education and dedication.

Our Values

Our values are what set us apart from the competition.


We start small, engage across the organisation, prove business value then scale up.


We're not afraid to try out new technologies and ways of working, directly mapped to business benefits.


We work in small and agile teams fully embedded with client peers, sharing ideas and solving problems together.


We believe imagination is the key to innovation, and we encourage our staff and clients to think outside-the-box.


We train our client colleagues from day one so that all knowledge and skills are brought in-house as soon as possible.


We work determinedly to resolve problems together, no matter how big or small, until the job is done.